Young Women Making A Difference In Their Communities




State Goal:  To form and federate new Juniorette Clubs: "You Can Do It, We Can Help."  During this administration we need to increase membership by Federating
three (3) new Juniorette Clubs. 


The 2014-2016 administration encourages GFWC/Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs club


women to establish, sponsor and advise a Juniorette Club in their district. Bringing young


women together through volunteer efforts, community service projects and leadership will instill


a thorough understanding of GFWC/Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs and its structure.


Juniorettes are young women, ages 12 to18, working together to meet the needs of their


communities through volunteer service projects. For over 30 years, GFWC/Ohio Federation of


Women’s Clubs Juniorettes have learned leadership skills by using their ideas through projects


that have benefited children, families and communities.


Juniorette Clubs promote volunteerism and Federation leadership development. To recognize


achievement and encourage club participation in reporting, the following Juniorette Awards


 are given annually.



* Juniorette of the Year: The Juniorette Club will nominate the successful candidate for this


award. An application for this award is in the OFWC Forms section of this Club Manual.


* Inter-federated Activity Award: This award is for any joint project involving a Juniorette


Club and either a Junior Women’s Club or a General Women’s Club.


* Pacemaker Award: This award is presented to the best overall Juniorette Club and is based


upon the reporting pages submitted by February 1, 2015 and 2016.


* Juniorette Advisor of the Year Award: The sponsoring Junior or General Club will


nominate the candidate for this award. If your club wishes to sponsor a candidate, send an essay


of  200 words or less explaining the reason for the nomination to the Juniorette Chairman,


Debbie Weaver.




* Juniorette Clubs are encouraged to participate in the GFWC Jr. Special Project “Advocates


for Children” with emphasis on the Ohio focus on Overexposure to the sun, Internet Safety,


Child ID Fingerprinting, and prevention of skin and other cancers in children.


 * Juniorette clubs are also encouraged to participate in the GFWC Ohio President's Special


Project Canine Companions/Wounded Warrior Initiative.  They are also strongly encouraged to


participate in the GFWC Ohio Junior Director's Special Project, "A Thyme to Plant, A Time to




 * Juniorette clubs are encouraged to participate in the OFWC Special Junior Project, "Adoption


 and Foster Care", and "Be a Friend to the Elderly".


* Juniorette Clubs are encouraged to participate in the OFWC Juniorette Special Projects,


"H. E.R.O.'S. Against Bullying".





* Contact State Chairman, Debbie Weaver at the number listed in this OFWC Club Directory.


* Visit the OFWC website for further informationwww.gfwcohio.org


* Order the new Juniorette Handbook “Everything You Need to Know to Start a GFWC


Juniorette Club” from the GFWC Membership Materials Center for information regarding


sponsoring a Juniorette Club.


* Visit local schools for potential Juniorette Club members.


* The sponsoring club should designate an advisor or advisory committee from its


membership to attend Juniorette meetings and functions. The advisor, or advisory committee,


also serves as liaison for the club. The purpose of the advisor, or advisory committee, is to guide


the Juniorettes as they learn to govern themselves independently. The young women will receive


guidance in Federation programs and projects, and they will also develop leadership skills by


planning and organizing activities. Inviting them to attend the sponsoring club’s meetings


facilitates the mentoring process and informs by example.