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GFWC/Ohio website EMAIL ADDRESS: gfwcohio@gmail.com

This site will be updated during the summer.  

Please be patient - and keep coming back!  Thanks! 


View the Calendar for OFWC upcoming dates and deadlines.


Districts in GFWC/Ohio to raise funds for benches in the Ohio Memorial Shrine

The Ohio Memorial Shrine Bench Project


View the current issue of The Buckeye Magazine

The Summer issue  is now online - I'm sorry for the delay...


Check out the Summer 2014 issue of the Great Lakes Region Newsletter, The Tattletaleredited by our own Patrice Booze!

GFWC Great Lakes Region Conference is set for October 10-11, 2014

Click to access the GLR Conference Registration Form

Click to access the GLR HOTEL INFORMATION  

Make your arrangements NOW!  The CUTOFF DATE IS SEPTEMBER 7, 2014


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Wendy Sturick, GFWC/Ohio Website Administrator


Updated 07/20/2014